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About Holistic Therapy

I Know What It's Like...

I've been where you are right now: staring at a computer screen, searching online and thinking,

Is there someone out there who will

understand me and my situation,

a person who knows how hard it is to ask for help?

Let me share a little of my own story and how I work with people just like you...

In 2012 my life imploded. I'm talking career, health, personal relationships and my living situation. I considered myself a pretty together person, but I had little to no skills for dealing with this degree of upheaval. Rather than calmly processing and accepting all the change that was happening, I took the alternative approach: I absolutely freaked out! And as my desperation grew, my health and life deteriorated.

What do I know now about health and healing that I wish I'd known then?

Bypassing emotional pain or ignoring the body only leads to bigger pain later on. And asking for help or guidance isn't a sign of failure or weakness; it's actually a sign of something else: massive inner STRENGTH.

Don't let your health and your life reach a crisis point before taking action. You can benefit from having life tools and bodymind awareness right now.

Cut Through Confusion & Gain Clarity

Feeling distracted during the day or lying awake at night?


When you work with me, you have the opportunity to safely release blockages and limiting beliefs that make you feel stuck or frustrated, as well as develop a deeper body connection and learn better coping strategies that will serve you for life - all in the one place.


Holistic Counselling, Mindfulness & Body Wisdom - Discover How To:

  • Transition through unexpected change (break-ups, setbacks or upheavals)

  • Go beyond the surface level of a problem to find out what's really going on

  • Let go of painful past experiences that make your head and heart hurt

  • Find new solutions when faced with situations that make you feel powerless

  • Manage social anxiety that makes your heart race or jumbles your words

  • Understand the mind-body connection using your own body

Who Is This For?

The client-practitioner relationship is most effective when both parties bring their best to the session. My personalised and dynamic approach to health and wellness is a good fit for you if:

  • You're 100% committed and ready to take self-responsibility

  • You prefer a direct, no BS approach to health, healing and wellness

  • You like real and relatable language rather than spiritual jargon or clichés

  • You're willing to honestly look at yourself to create breakthroughs

  • You're committed to incorporating mindfulness into your hectic schedule

  • You appreciate a highly professional approach AND a sense of humour

  • You're willing to embrace change even if the idea scares you


Interested, But Tempted To Run?

It's common to feel major resistance, particularly when you're on the cusp of taking positive action. Stick around though, because the tools and techniques I'm about to share with you will radically change the way you relate to life, health and your body.

Holistic Healer Lauren Joy Wilson looking thoughtful and reflective in Cairns rainforest

Certified Psychosomatic Therapist & Holistic Healing in Cairns, Queensland.



Experience the combined therapeutic benefits of verbal therapy, breathwork, massage and energy healing in the one session!


Holistic Counselling & Verbal Therapy


Holistic Massage

Energy Healing

Also specializing in:

Bodymind Connection

Emotional Release Bodywork

Emotional Anatomy

Mindfulness & Meditation

Evidence-Based Tools & Techniques

Types of holistic healing sessions available in Cairns, within Australia or overseas:

In-Person One-On-One Holistic Healing Consultation

(Redlynch, Cairns, Queensland)

Online Holistic Healing Consultation

(Australia / International)

Group Wellbeing Workshop

(Cairns, Far North Queensland)

Psychosomatic Therapist Lauren Joy Wilson enjoying the stillness in Cairns rainforest

My Wellness Philosophy

What Inspires Me?

This one POWERFUL message:

Ultimately, you don't need to rely on anything or anyone - including me - to genuinely transform your health and

your life. 

Empower yourself with life tools.


How You Can Benefit

Discover how you can be the best at what you do and the person you most want to be without neglecting yourself, your body or those relationships that matter most.

And you don't have to pore through masses of self-help resources or mindfulness how-to guides to find out exactly how you can do it.

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