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Life Tools That Work

Smarter, better and healthier ways to navigate life.

Do you look confident, but inwardly feel stressed and anxious?

My hunch is that you're the kind of person who likes to work things out themself. If so, you're going to really appreciate the value of being shown life tools that you can use anywhere, anytime. And when I say "tools," I'm not talking about the labouring kind, but the make-life-easier kind.

Bodyworker and Breathwork Practitioner Lauren Joy Wilson practising conscious breathing techniques

Access Your Body's Wisdom

Give your mind & Dr Google a break.

Have you ever had an issue or a problem that you can't think your way out of? Or perhaps you've been struggling with a health condition, but your search for answers only results in more questions. Your body already knows what to do, and it has a lot to say. The real question is: Are you listening?

Body Intelligence - Discover How To:

  • Feel into physical, mental or emotional pain without being swallowed up by it

  • Tap into your gut instinct when faced with a decision or dilemma

  • Release stress build-up before it becomes a future health problem

  • Move towards anger or sadness rather than distancing yourself from it

  • Identify where in your body you're holding locked-in tension, hurt or fear

Holistic Therapist Lauren Joy Wilson with her hands on her head practising mindfulness in nature

Relax Your Busy Mind

Silence the heckler living in your head.

Mindfulness - the practice of quietening your mind and being present - is one of those modern-health concepts that sounds good in theory, but often falls flat in reality (a lot like eating perfectly or never getting angry). For any practice to become a lasting part of your life, rather than a passing fad, you need practical ways to incorporate it into your already full schedule.

Mindfulness - Discover How To:

  • Stop unwanted thoughts, feelings and judgements in their tracks

  • Press the OFF switch on the inner critic that gives you bad life reviews

  • Switch from anger and resistance to peace and acceptance (yes, it's possible!)

  • Draw on simple meditation techniques to create an immediate sense of calm

  • Use conscious breathing to lower your heart rate and reduce stress naturally

Spiritual Stuff Without The Woo-Woo

My approach to spirituality is not religion-based or woo-woo orientated. If I talk about things from a spiritual or energetic perspective, I'm referring to the "bigger picture of life." Why is this helpful? It can add a lot of clarity and context to the messy, heavy and challenging bits of your everyday life.

"A person without life tools is like a superhero without superpowers: powerless and pretty pissed off!"

Lauren J. Wilson (yes, yours truly!)

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