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Healing Benefits Of Breathwork

Breathe more peace and balance into your life.

Working in a stressful job? Struggling with body pain or tension?

Relieve mental stress and physical symptoms - naturally.

Whether you're experiencing job stress, ongoing physical pain or dealing with a major life change, there is no life situation in which you will not benefit from connecting with your breath and your body.

Coffee cup with the word breathe, encouraging breathwork

Feel like you can't get enough breath?


Shallow breathing affects the whole body.

Shallow chest breathing is often a sign your body is in a state of stress. In other words, shallow breathing can be a symptom of deeper, underlying issues, such as unresolved trauma or an ongoing stressful life situation. Body-Focused Therapy, when combined with breathwork, effectively works on the underlying mental-emotional issues that can be a contributing factor to shallow or anxious breathing. This results in dramatic changes in your ability to breathe deeply and calmly. 

What is breathwork and breathwork therapy?

Safely release past pain locked in your body and ease day-to-day stress.

Breath is one of the most vital yet underrated bodily functions for health and healing. Breathwork is a term that refers to conscious breathing techniques, practices or exercises to improve mental strength, emotional balance and physical wellbeing.

Breathwork therapy often involves intentionally changing the depth and rate of your breathing to activate specific responses in your mind and body. Breathwork is also an active form of meditation; it not only helps you to remain calm and connected in your daily life, it can also help you to safely release painful past memories stored within your body. 
In this way, breathwork can have a significant therapeutic effect, especially when incorporated with bodywork, energy healing and holistic counselling.

Why is breathwork important for health and healing?


A stressed body - stuck in "fight or flight" - cannot properly heal.

Discover how to harness the healing POWER of conscious breathing.

Conscious breathing is one of the MOST beneficial things you can do to activate your body's natural in-built mechanisms for health and healing to occur. Regardless of where you are, what you're doing or what's happening in your life, your breath is the one thing you always have with you. Empower yourself with practical breath-focused tools you can use anywhere, anytime!

Physical, mental and emotional health benefits of breathwork and conscious breathing:

  • Safely access painful past memories and release suppressed emotions

  • Activate your body's "rest and digest" function

  • Lower cortisol levels and stress hormones naturally

  • Stimulate the vagus nerve and calm the entire body 

  • Slow your heart rate and relieve mental stress naturally

  • Release stress build-up before it becomes a future health problem

Types of holistic breathwork sessions available in Cairns, within Australia or overseas:

  • In-Person Breathwork Sessions (Cairns, Queensland)

  • Online Breathwork Sessions (Australia / International)

  • One-On-One Breathwork Sessions

  • Group Breathwork Workshops

How you could benefit from a breathwork session:

Here's what my clients say about my breathwork sessions...

The combination of utilising breathwork alongside body massage made for the most profound and rejuvenating physical treatment I have ever experienced, allowing me to "reconnect" with my physical body once more - feeling present, connected and calm.

Pip -

There is something about being in a space where you can just breathe out all of the internal build-up, without judgment.

- Alex -

Curious about breathwork?

Enjoy a breathwork-focused session OR experience the combined therapeutic benefits of breathwork, massage and holistic counselling in the one session!

Call Lauren on 0401 924 156 or email for a personalized response to your health and healing questions about breathwork.

"A person without life tools is like a superhero without superpowers: powerless and pretty pissed off!"

Lauren J. Wilson (yes, yours truly!)

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