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Mindfulness & Wellbeing Workshops in Cairns

Workshops provide healthier, smarter and more mindful ways to navigate life and work.

Struggling with staff stress or workplace tension?

Increase wellbeing, joy and productivity in your workplace.

A mindfulness workshop is specifically tailored to your particular work environment or corporate event, so you receive the right tools and advice for maximum positive impact and change.

Woman resting forehead on laptop, showing workplace stress

What's involved in a mindfulness workshop?

Workshops and group sessions are FUN and dynamic, packed with effective tools!

My mindfulness group sessions and wellbeing workshops are interactive, relatable and dynamic, focusing on life tools for everyday situations. Rather than just learning about mindfulness, you will have opportunities to tangibly experience mindfulness through connecting with your own body and breath.

Receive bonus workshop resources.

Use your workshop as a springboard to delve deeper into mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, mind-body connection and much more! 

To keep the self-care and mindfulness momentum going AFTER the workshop, participants receive an outline of what's been covered, PLUS free mindfulness tools, wellbeing guides and resources, so they can easily make mindfulness a continuing part of their daily life.

Health benefits of a mindfulness workshop for your business, organisation or corporate event:

  • Overcome stressful workplace triggers

  • Calmy deal with difficult clients / customers

  • Incorporate practical self-care tools

  • Apply simple meditation techniques

  • Draw on easy-to-use breathing exercises

Wellbeing workshops or group sessions are available in the following locations:

Mindfulness workshops and group sessions are available in Cairns in Far North Queensland, as well as surrounding areas, such as Port Douglas, Kuranda, The Atherton Tablelands and Mission Beach.

I offer workshops / group sessions, as per request, often for organisations, businesses or a group of interested individuals. My group sessions often focus on mindfulness, meditation, self-care and breathwork. 

If you're interested in a mindfulness workshop in Cairns or elsewhere, please email or call 0401 924 156 for more information. ​

How your business, organisation or corporation could benefit from a wellbeing workshop or mindfulness group session:

Here's what my clients say about my wellbeing workshops and self-care group sessions...

Your workshop was fantastic! Loved your energy, wisdom and thought-provoking discussions and activities. Thank you for sharing your strategies and knowledge around self-care and wellbeing!

- Melissa -

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the workshop and wish it went longer!

My favourite part of the self-care workshop was learning different breathing techniques – very calming and being able to actively participate and learn. Lauren is very respectful, kind and welcoming. Self-care can at times make us feel very vulnerable as we do tend to put ourselves last, Lauren created a safe and open space for us all to relax and feel acceptance.

If you're feeling undecided about doing a self-care workshop, absolutely do it, you will regret not doing it sooner. You will learn so much that is practical and easy to apply in both personal and professional aspects of your life. THANK YOU Lauren!!!

- Kaylah -

I really liked everything about the self-care workshop. To be honest, it really made me think about what was important in my life right now. So when I came back home I made some choices for myself and my five year old. I am looking after myself better.

- Theresa -

Curious about a mindfulness or wellbeing workshop?

Call Lauren on 0401 924 156 or email for a personalised mindfulness workshop quote. 

Discover the power of mindfulness, breathwork and body energetics!

"A person without life tools is like a superhero without superpowers: powerless and pretty pissed off!"

Lauren J. Wilson (yes, yours truly!)

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