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Healing Benefits Of Holistic Massage & Bodywork

Calm your busy mind and release locked-in tension.

Tight shoulders or sore tummy? Niggling aches or pains?

You can't do everything you want to do in life if you're feeling exhausted, run down or overwhelmed. Often the most helpful and even productive thing you can do is to give back to yourself. Massage and bodywork is the perfect way to do that!

Hand resting on shoulder, benefits of massage

What is bodywork and how is it beneficial?

Give back to your body, reconnect and recharge.

Bodywork is a general term for different styles of touch therapy. I use hands-on-healing touch and energy healing combined with deeply relaxing massage techniques and stress-releasing breathwork. It's a chance to switch off your mind, give your voice box a rest and tune into your body and breath, so you can reconnect, recharge or just be.

  • Clear your mind

  • Decrease muscle stiffness and soreness

  • Lower stress and anxiety

What's involved in an holistic massage and bodywork session?

Give yourself the gift of time-out and nourish your body.

This energy-balancing session of bodywork involves stress-releasing breathwork combined with deeply relaxing massage techniques, applying sustained pressure to emotionally charged trigger points of the body.

When parts of your body are sore, stiff, sensitive or painful, it's really easy to distance yourself and not want to feel into these areas. Emotional Release Bodywork is a safe way of feeling into pain or tension and then releasing it.

In a conventional massage you need to remain pretty still and can just zone-out, whereas Emotional Release Bodywork allows you to dynamically work with your practitioner. This means your body really has a chance to talk (or move!) and you can use the power of your breath to connect with physical sensations, so you can release suppressed emotions.

Physical, mental and emotional health benefits of bodywork and massage:

  • Safely release pain or trauma stored in the body

  • Strengthen mind-body connection

  • Release happy hormones (dopamine and serotonin)

  • Ease joint and muscle tension

Maximize the benefits of your gym or exercise workouts with an holistic massage.


Are you a regular gym goer or a yoga and Pilates fan? 


Get the most out of your workouts with an holistic massage and bodywork session. 

Ease muscle tension, increase circulation, decrease stiffness and clear your head. Feel stronger - physically AND mentally.

Types of bodywork and holistic massage sessions available in Cairns, within Australia or overseas:

  • In-Person Healing Bodywork / Holistic Massage Sessions in Cairns, Far North Queensland (private treatment room in a rainforest garden setting)

How you could benefit from a bodywork and massage session:

Here's what my clients say about my bodywork and massage sessions...

The massages I've had with Lauren are probably the most nourishing and deeply healing massages I've ever had. She provides the most beautiful and safe space and her technique combined with breathwork allows for the body to completely let go and surrender, activating our own healing mechanisms. I have felt the effects for days with a much heightened sense of pleasure for life. 

- Hazel -

The combined talk therapy and massage beautifully complement each other - she really does provide therapy for the mind, body, and soul. 

- Alicia -

I always felt like I was floating afterward and my partner would always comment on how vibrant I was after each session. 

- Alex -

My most favourite part was the bodywork, where through massage, she taught me how to release my emotions and get them out instead of keeping them stuck. 

- Kim -

Curious about holistic massage and bodywork?

Enjoy a bodywork-focused session OR experience the combined therapeutic benefits of bodywork, holistic counselling and energy healing in the one session!

Call Lauren on 0401 924 156 or email for a personalized response to your health and healing questions about massage or bodywork.

"A person without life tools is like a superhero without superpowers: powerless and pretty pissed off!"

Lauren J. Wilson (yes, yours truly!)

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