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Heart Shout-Outs

A THANK YOU to those who have been a part of my health and healing adventure.

Dad...   for being my constant, and for knowing when a girl just needs a big ol' bowl of mashed potato and a hug from her Dad
Mum...   for her Alice in Wonderland cups of tea, for her inimitable style, and for asking me all those years ago: "Have you thought about trying meditation?"
Glen & Petai...   for willingly donning their underwear in the name of furthering my emotional anatomy education, and for always saying "yes" to my (oftentimes) unusual requests with love and humour
Jessica...   for being the favourite part of my childhood AND my adulthood, and for being the friend who knows waaaay too much to not be in my life
Narelle...   for being the first therapist to call me out on my stories (aka excuses) and say "Bullsh#t" during a session (much to my shock...and delight!)
Jodie & Chris...   for showing me how you can be spiritual AND super-grounded, and for giving me the "Space" to drop-off a few suitcases of old emotional baggage
Belinda...   for being a "Spiritual Dominatrix," and for telling it like it is!
Marie...   for making business with heart the only way to do business
Brit...   for beautifully capturing life moments through a lens
Silvia...   for her sparkly flair, and for making it so easy to smile and play in front of the camera
Amy...   for so generously sharing her wisdom and experience, for giving me a "jump start," and for coming to my website party!
Roxanne...   for being a champion of my words
Soul Family...   for spontaneous interactions, for heart hugs and smiles (real and virtual), for honest insights, for hot coffees and cool company
Clients...   for trusting me, and for allowing me to help you to grow, because that helps me to grow too
YOU...   for noticing the small things (like this message) which are really the BIG things in life
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