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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to questions about the life benefits of choosing a holistic therapist or coach.

You'll also find answers to some Infrequently Asked Questions (the lesser known IAQ); things you might be secretly thinking, but are too polite to say out loud!

  • What is a Psychosomatic Therapist, and is this a professional service I can trust?
    I'm a certified Psychosomatic Therapist (psyche meaning "mind" and soma meaning "body"). I also refer to myself as a Bodymind Mentor, which means I work with people physically, mentally and emotionally. Please be assured: what is discussed in a session is strictly confidential. As a member of the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy (operating for over 15 years) I adhere to the strictest ethical code and clinical conduct. This means I provide a safe space, so you can speak openly and honestly.
  • What's involved in an in-person bodymind consultation?
    Every treatment session is personalised and guided by the unique needs of the individual. Generally speaking, an in-person session includes: a verbal consultation (talking about your current life situation and discussing potentially helpful life tools); a body reading analysis (identifying where in your body you're unconsciously holding locked-in tension, hurt or fear); and bodywork (releasing suppressed emotions through breathwork or sound expression).
  • Can you tell me more about the Emotional Release Bodywork you offer?
    When parts of your body are sore, stiff, sensitive or painful, it's really easy to distance yourself and not want to feel into these areas. Emotional Release Bodywork (ERB) is a safe way of feeling into pain or tension. This involves using massage techniques and applying sustained pressure to emotionally-charged trigger points of the body. In a conventional massage you need to remain pretty still and can just zone-out, whereas ERB allows you to dynamically work with your practitioner. This means your body really has a chance to talk (or move!) and you can use the power of your breath to connect with physical sensations, so you can release pent-up emotions.
  • What's emotional anatomy or a body reading analysis?
    You've probably referred to emotional anatomy in your life without even realising it! For example, we often hear people say they've got a "nervous tummy" or a "tension headache." But what is lesser known or recognised is how our emotions, including stress and tension, can affect the shape and structure of the entire body. A body reading analysis is a way of connecting the mind-body dots using the most tangible reference point you have: your own body. Put simply, I'm looking at where things are flowing (i.e. being expressed) and where they aren't (i.e. being suppressed). This allows you to acknowledge your past experiences, re-connect with your body and start to create change from the inside out.
  • I don't live in the Cairns region, will I be missing out on a lot if I book an online appointment with you rather than an in-person appointment?
    The in-person consultation is a very different experience, because you're in a private treatment room setting and the process is more hands-on (i.e. the bodywork and the body reading analysis). However, I want online clients to receive as much benefit as possible, so I've adapted what I do in the treatment room so that the essence of what I teach can be delivered online.
  • Will this natural therapy meet the specific health issue I'm trying to address?
    I can't guarantee individual results, but what I can tell you is this: Body-Focused Therapy works on the underlying mental-emotional issues that can be a contributing factor to a range of health and life issues. For example, I have assisted people with past trauma, grief and anger, addictions, relationship issues, fears and phobias, pain management, depression and anxiety, fatigue and stress, persistent health issues, life and career direction, as well as before and after surgery. Not only does this natural therapy work well with all other modalities, it also complements mainstream medical care.
  • Do you offer medical rebates or a money-back guarantee?
    No, I don't offer medical rebates or a money-back guarantee, but I do offer a personal guarantee that you will receive two life tools during your first session to assist with your current life situation.
  • What's your refund or cancellation policy for a prepaid treatment session?
    In-person and online bodymind consultations paid for online and in advance are non-refundable. So we're both on the same page, please click here to view my Cancellation & Refund Policy.
  • Am I going to feel any real benefit after my first session? I don't want to be strung along and need to book countless appointments to see results.
    Many people feel an enormous sense of relief after their first session, because they've had a chance to verbalise issues that have literally been keeping them up at night or distracted during the day. Also, I ensure clients always receive "take-home" life tools to work with post-session. This means you walk away with concrete ways to start creating better outcomes in your work or private life. I will say this though: You can't get fit from one fitness class or heal a physical injury after your first physio appointment. The same goes for restoring your health and transforming your life; it's an ongoing and unfolding process. Also, nothing works unless you work. In other words, you'll get out of the process what you're willing to put into the process.
  • What are you going to help me with that I just can't Google myself?
    Google is an amazing resource, but it has one BIG limitation: It's not a feeling human being who can look you in the eye, connect with what you're saying and completely personalise your action plan in a simple yet effective way. Oftentimes Googling an issue can just lead to more questions, not necessarily better answers. Your life situation is completely unique. A personalised (humanised!) approach to wellness means you get the right tools and advice specifically for you.
  • Is this just one of those alternative therapies that's spiritual woo-woo stuff?
    If by "woo-woo stuff" you mean lofty language, New Age paraphernalia or ambiguous concepts that are difficult to apply to real life, then the simple answer is: NO. If I do refer to spiritual concepts or bigger-picture awareness, I will do so in a way that makes it totally understandable and relatable to your life. By the way, mindfulness, meditation and conscious breathing may have some spiritual undertones, but they also have some serious (and very compelling!) scientific backing.
  • Why should I choose you as a holistic therapist, coach and mentor?
    I strongly recommend people trust their gut instinct when choosing a therapist or mentor. I'm not going to be the best fit for every person, but something I would say is this: I offer an incredibly unique, grounded and holistic approach to wellness. When you work with me, you have the opportunity to strengthen your mental-emotional health, as well as develop a deeper body connection and learn better coping strategies that will serve you for life - all in the one place. (Did I mention I've got a great sense of humour?)
  • My life's pretty hectic, is this just going to add more pressure to my already full day?
    I understand how stretched you already feel, so the tools I provide are adaptable and easy to use. (Some can even be practised while driving a car or sitting behind your work desk!) Also, if time is an issue, then we can work on that specifically for you. In my experience, when people start eliminating the internal source of their stress or strain, then outside pressures start to recede too.
  • Does it mean there's something wrong with me or that my life is crap if I need to hire a mentor, therapist or life coach?
    This is one of the biggest myths surrounding self-help therapy. The most unfortunate part is that this kind of thinking makes people reluctant to seek outside help. This is my question for you: Were you clearly shown - either at school or by your parents - how to work through setbacks and upheavals, as well as healthy ways to manage stress and release painful emotions? If the answer is "no" or an uncertain "maybe," then how can you expect to know what you've never been taught. Working with a mentor, therapist or coach is one way of bridging the gap. We all have ups and downs, regardless of a our societal "success status" (which is incredibly objective anyway). What does distinguish people though, is their willingness to sort through their "crap" and take responsibility for their life.
  • I don't like admitting this, but there's a part of me that just doesn't want to have to spend money on my health... Is it going to be worth the expense?
    I know there might be a small and sneaky part of you that would prefer to spend your money on something more "fun." But what I'm going to ask you is this: What's the point in buying the latest gadgets or saving for a dream holiday if you're not in the head space or body place to really enjoy it? Get your bodymind health in great shape first.

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