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Energy Healing

Restore the flow and balance of energy throughout your entire body.

Relationship problems? Life issues that just won't go away?

Thoughts, emotions and feelings are living in our body's cellular memory AND our energy field. Unresolved anger, resentment, fear, guilt, shame, excessive worry or an unwillingness to forgive are toxic emotions for the human body. These emotions also disrupt the body's natural energy flow and impede the body's ability to heal.

The great news is that energy is not fixed; it wants to shift, change and move, if it's given a chance!

Two hands forming a heart in the sun for energy healing

What is energy healing and body energetics?

Energy healing brings the mind, body and emotions into balance.

Present pain - physical, mental or emotional - is often a past experience in disguise. In other words, a living trauma that has taken root in our cellular memory and our energy field. Energy healing modalities utilise physical touch and non-physical touch to facilitate your body's natural ability to release, balance and heal. 

Energy is dynamic and flowing; it wants to move and communicate! For example, Emotional Release Bodywork focuses on applying sustained pressure to specific emotionally charged trigger points of the body that relate to the chakra and meridian systems.

Why is energy healing important for mental, emotional and physical health?

Energetic blockages literally block your body's ability to heal.

Energy healing acknowledges that you are more than a physical body made up of muscle, tissue, organs and bone. Balancing your energetic body and working on your inner world can create BIG noticeable shifts and changes in your external world.

Health benefits of energy healing:

  • Understand why you act and behave the way you do

  • Safely release and heal painful past experiences

  • Bring balance to under-energised or over-energised areas

  • Indirectly - yet powerfully - work on life stressors

  • Feel less drained by people or situations

  • Be clearer about future life choices

What is chakra energy healing?

Drained, confused or feeling stuck?

Chakras are energy centres in your body that correspond to specific nerve bundles in your physical body. Explore the seven major chakras using your own body and life as a reference point, including take-home practices to strengthen and balance each of your chakras. Explore your chakras and understand how they directly impact your personal and professional life.

Why chakra energy balancing is important for intuitives, empaths and sensitive people:

Feel inwardly stronger, more grounded and resistant to negativity.

This is a tangible chakra experience, which explores energy dynamics in a very real and relatable way. The life tools included are particularly beneficial for people who can easily pick up on other people's emotions or often experience sensory overload.

Exploring body energetics is an effective way of feeling inwardly stronger and more resilient. It's also an effective way of indirectly working on a life issue, without needing to continually re-visit the issue or past trauma.

Health and life benefits of chakra energy healing:


Indirectly work on life issues, without needing to re-visit past trauma.

  • Experience "light bulb" moments of awareness about yourself and others

  • Discover why certain situations or people challenge you so much

  • Learn practical ways to give back to yourself and your energetic body

  • Feel grounded, calmer and more joyful about life!

Types of energy healing sessions available in Cairns, within Australia or overseas:

  • In-Person Energy Healing Sessions (Cairns, Queensland)

  • Online Energy Balancing (Australia / International)

  • One-On-One Energy Healing Sessions

  • Group Energy Healing Workshops

How you could benefit from an energy healing session:

Here's what my clients say about my energy healing sessions...

I have noticed great changes in my ability to fully feel into a decision and slow down my response to ensure it aligns with what is true for me. I have noticed a great success with my ability to utilise the tools Lauren has taught me; to navigate situations which would normally cause me stress and anxiety. 

- Zoie -

The bodymind consultations allow you to go through the emotional side of things and then finish off with bodywork to help release any built-up tension and stress. I also enjoyed the chakra course Lauren offers, it gave a great understanding of areas where I'm under-energised and how that affects my life and relationships.

- Natasha -

Curious about energy healing and balancing?

Enjoy an energy healing session OR experience the combined therapeutic benefits of energy healing, massage and breathwork in the one session!

Call Lauren on 0401 924 156 or email for a personalized response to your health and healing questions about breathwork.

"A person without life tools is like a superhero without superpowers: powerless and pretty pissed off!"

Lauren J. Wilson (yes, yours truly!)

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