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What My Clients Have To Say

Think You're Alone? Think Again

When it comes to having life issues and wanting to overcome them, you're in good company. Your commitment to take action and do something about it makes you a lot like this inspiring bunch.

Here's what clients have to say about the benefits of working with a holistic therapist and the impact it's had on their life...

Lauren Joy Wilson massage bodywork and verbal therapy testimonial


I could feel a huge shift after each session with Lauren.

The strongest hesitation I had about making that first appointment was: I don't need this. I'll just push through this by myself. Why would I go to someone I don't even know? Can a woman see through the eyes of a man?

I also thought, Bodywork? What's that? Is she going to be totally out-there? Is this some hippy thing? I'm a tradie - I wonder what judgments she'll have about me... Opening up to a total stranger, I'm not so sure about that!

I can definitely say I was uplifted, emotionally, from the first session onward. This had a chain reaction with things like my ability to concentrate, be more present with my partner and friends, be healthier in my mind (less negative thoughts), become very accepting and appreciative of exactly what is; and most importantly, my relationship with myself, self-love and self-care increased. This last point really reflects outwardly toward everything I do in life.

If I had to choose only one feature I liked best, it would be the bodywork - the one thing I was sceptical about originally. There is something about being in a space where you can just breathe out all of the internal build-up, without judgment. I always felt like I was floating afterward and my partner would always comment on how vibrant I was after each session.

I would 100% recommend Lauren's consultations! I could feel a huge shift after each session with Lauren - from being in a safe space where I could say literally anything without judgment, to having a huge release through the bodywork, to being able to actually watch myself change and grow over all of the sessions that we did. Lauren is someone I'd recommend to anybody and everybody. In my experience, there is always space for growth, and Lauren is an excellent guide for it!

A point I'll make, as a male, is that I always felt safe in Lauren's space, regardless of what I brought up. This in itself was very powerful, helping me to grow even more.

Lauren's genuine love and care combined with her grounded-ness is inspiring. I am blessed to have met her!

One point I'd love to make to anybody that goes in the future is that, even after that first appointment, if they are like me they will experience hesitation every.single.week. and will want to back out. So, just go - I was always so happy to have gone after each session and would not have traded that time for anything else.

Alex Korpijaakko


Cairns holistic healer testimonial


The most profound and rejuvenating physical treatment I have ever experienced.

Deeply intuitive and soulful, at our first appointment Lauren made me feel at ease instantly, confident in knowing that I was in safe hands.

The combination of utilising breathwork alongside body massage made for the most profound and rejuvenating physical treatment I have ever experienced, allowing me to "reconnect" with my physical body once more - feeling present, connected and calm. 

Every single touchstone throughout your experience with Lauren has been thought out and executed with great care and love...from first stepping foot into her magical space, to the rejuvenating refreshments offered following treatment. 

Lauren has created a most nourishing haven and experience to retreat to. A space to access for those when they veer off course or feel disconnected within themselves.

Suffice to say, I cannot recommend Lauren's treatments highly enough - I am so grateful to have found her!


Pip York


Lauren Joy Wilson massage bodywork and verbal therapy testimonial


I needed more belief in myself, but I was unsure of how to go about doing that.

I was at a point in my life where I had a lot going on but feeling like I wasn’t doing enough of it well. In areas I strive the most in, things were cropping up which I was having difficulty dealing with emotionally. I knew I needed more inner strength and belief in myself to help me through, but I was simply unsure of how to go about doing that. 

Looking for that "something," I was flicking  through the Connect Magazine where I came across many ads, though for whatever reason, I was drawn to Lauren’s. Still though, I hesitated for many weeks to pick up the phone. As I’ve mostly dealt with my emotions myself, I guess I was feeling like I would be a failure for "admitting" that I wasn’t fully coping with certain things and the strong emotions that came with them and that I needed some guidance.

When I finally did make that first appointment, I was still wondering if I had done the right thing or not. I needn’t have worried as Lauren put me at ease almost instantly and helped me realise that I did need to look after my inner self better. She helped me see patterns in the way we think and how we shouldn’t concern ourselves so much on how others react to things which in turn affects us, but to instead, be more true to ourselves.

I was especially intrigued by the body analysis which confirmed a lot about my personality and my most favourite part was the bodywork, where through massage, she taught me how to "release" my emotions and "get them out" instead of keeping them stuck.

Lauren keeps  "you" focused on "you" in your sessions and she does this in the most calming surroundings where you can totally switch off and concentrate on connecting with yourself, and your body.


Kim C.


Lauren Joy Wilson massage bodywork and verbal therapy testimonial


Lauren worked with me in a way that matched where I was at and what I needed.

I guess my hesitations were around stepping into something new and different. I had met Lauren on the radio and I felt her authenticity then, so I felt safe in her intentions, although I was still uncertain about the process and what it might mean for me in terms of self discovery and doing my inner work, of facing up to uncomfortable thoughts and energies. This kind of hesitation did not leave me each time I made an appointment. Each appointment booking came with a healthy dose of rawness.

I noticed changes instantly. Energy flowed better in my body. It felt great. I felt lighter. Stress levels decreased and anxiety reduced. I felt more comfortable and grounded. I followed the appointments up with barefoot walks, which helped reinforce the outcomes. These changes gave me more inner room for relationships and life enjoyment.

I liked Lauren's direct approach. Sitting with Lauren at the start and having a confronting conversation about what wasn't working for me in my life really set the tone for how real and raw the process would be. It started in the mind and then moved to the body and became very visceral as we began with the breathing. I liked the holistic understanding of mind and body and soul.

I also liked the way Lauren worked with me through the process. She moved through the process of talking and breathing in a way that matched where I was at and what I needed. She didn't try to push me through a predetermined structure.

Lauren provides a real service that can bring instant results while alleviating long-held negativity and discord. I found Lauren's process very confronting in the best way possible. With her guidance, I could not talk or think my way out of allowing my breath and body to release pent-up energies.

Thank you so much for your service Lauren! 

Rhys D.


Lauren Joy Wilson massage bodywork and verbal therapy testimonial


Lauren's a natural born healer.

The most important quality any healer or therapist can have is the ability to hold space and witness you and your story. To witness you with full acceptance and to guide you on your healing journey as you need. To have the compassion, empathy, integrity and grace to be able to hold space in this way cannot be taught. A person either has it or they don’t. Lauren has it. She is a natural born healer and I highly recommend her. 


Amy Harrison

Holistic Kinesiologist


Lauren Joy Wilson massage bodywork and verbal therapy testimonial


Lauren really makes you look for the answer within yourself and asks the right questions.

I got Lauren recommended via a friend and was looking forward to my appointment after the amazing feedback.

After working with Lauren, everything changed for the better, you feel more relaxed and stronger at the same time. And it's great to use the tools that you have learned at home.

What I liked best was the fact that Lauren really makes you look for "the answer" within yourself. She will ask you the right questions and make you look at situations from a different perspective, away from your ego.

The energy bodywork is great and you just feel re-energised afterwards.

I highly recommend Lauren and have done so already.

Look forward to having another session.

Laura Harris


Lauren Joy Wilson holistic healer testimonial


My nervous system is finally experiencing rest.

I was looking for a therapist who could help me to process some past trauma and emotional blockages, that I felt may have been contributing to some chronic health concerns. I came across Lauren when searching online in the Cairns region, and although I had not heard of Lauren's work previously, felt at ease with her web presence, so decided to see what we might be able to achieve together. 

Lauren has a kindness, a thoughtful presence and brings a great sense of peace to our meetings. My experience of just a few sessions with Lauren allowed me to feel heard, respected, and prompted to reflect honestly upon myself and my life. We have dialogue and share simple exercises that encourage me to think and to perceive myself in different ways, which is ultimately what I was hoping for. She is caring and empathetic, yet provides firm, wise and confident words of guidance that have continued to be valuable, encouraging and empowering.

I did have one concern that my time would become swallowed up with repeated visits and having to schedule around regular sessions. I was not sure how pushy Lauren would be, or how demanding of my time. I actually look forward to these sessions, and Lauren is on no way pushy about repeat visits. I rebook if I feel the need, and do so, to continue our very helpful work together  We also manage to cover enough in a session to feel like we are making continuous progress.

I am more mindful about my emotional triggers, and how I engage in certain challenging discussions with my partner. I take that awareness into our interactions, so we can more respectful of one another and be better listeners. I have been more observant about my attitudes towards myself. I acknowledge my wants, and work towards honouring my needs. I feel I have become a nicer person, or perhaps allowed that quality within myself to be more present. I am less angry and resentful, and as time passes, feel less likely to be reactive in usual circumstances. My nervous system is finally experiencing rest.

I have already referred some of my clients to Lauren. Those who have been brave, have provided very positive feedback also.

I look forward to working together again soon.


Port Douglas, AUSTRALIA

Lauren Joy Wilson holistic healer testimonial


There is zero judgement or pressure in Lauren's space.

Lauren has a beautiful way of welcoming you into her space, I feel as though there is zero judgement or pressure in the space. Initially it can be difficult opening up to someone unfamiliar, Lauren always listens and makes me feel seen before asking questions which help me find my own conclusions. The space Lauren holds for others is so pure and divine, she has an amazing way of feeling into what is being said and helping me understand the underlying components of my concerns. 

I especially appreciate Lauren's ability to slow down my conversations and remind me to feel into my body and mind. This is really effective in my healing journey and I highly recommend Lauren's sessions because of this. 

Over time, I have noticed great changes in my ability to fully feel into a decision and slow down my response to ensure it aligns with what is true for me. I have noticed a great success with my ability to utilise the tools Lauren has taught me; to navigate situations which would normally cause me stress and anxiety. 

Thank you very much Lauren! 

Zoie S. 


Lauren Joy Wilson holistic counselling testimonial


I definitely feel like it's made a big change to my relationships.

Lauren helped me work through some difficult emotional issues I was going through and gave some great techniques to help me pause and reflect on actions I was taking when I was most triggered.

Since working with her, I've noticed that I'm more aware of my reactions, and although it's a work in progress, I definitely feel like it's made a big change to my relationships. The sessions always felt very safe and Lauren has a great demeanour that helps you relax and share thoughts, almost like chatting with an old friend.

The bodymind consultations allow you to go through the emotional side of things and then finish off with bodywork to help release any built-up tension and stress. I also enjoyed the chakra course she offers, it gave a great understanding of areas where I'm under-energised and how that affects my life and relationships. Overall, Lauren has helped me understand myself better and I would not hesitate to recommend her for help with working through any life issues.

Natasha K. 


Lauren Joy Wilson holistic healer testimonial


Probably the most deeply healing massages I have ever had.

The massages I have had with Lauren are probably the most nourishing and deeply healing massages I have ever had. She provides the most beautiful and safe space and her technique combined with breathwork allows for the body to completely let go and surrender activating the our own healing mechanisms. I have felt the effects for days, often feeling quite emotional since this treatment does work at such a deep level but also deeply relaxed with a much heightened sense of pleasure for life. Definitely recommend.

Hazel Piedot

Mission Beach, AUSTRALIA

Cairns holistic healer counselling testimonial


Lauren facilitated a safe space to allow me to release, unwind and heal.

I was searching for a local holistic therapist, not even sure if there was the right match for me nearby, however I was pleasantly surprised and blessed to find Lauren as she is a beautiful kind, caring, generous and gentle soul.

The combined talk therapy and massage beautifully complement each other - she really does provide therapy for the mind, body, and soul.

From my first appointment I felt welcomed and nurtured, Lauren facilitated a safe and caring space to allow me to release, unwind and heal and provided me with many valuable tools that I have been able to use to assist me in all aspects of my life.  

Since attending regular sessions with Lauren, I feel lighter and less stressed. I have also been much gentler on myself. The flow on has allowed many positive changes in my life.

I highly recommended Lauren to friends and would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation.


Alicia Douch


Cairns holistic healer testimonial


I feel hopeful and able as opposed to helpless and hopeless.

I have been really, really good since my last session with Lauren - indeed I have been amazed at how good I've been feeling!  

The usual triggers, while still in existence, have not triggered me at all (no road rage despite lots of provocation) :-) and I've been joyfully back in my daily thank-you practice - for the first time in what feels like such a long time - and I feel hopeful and able as opposed to helpless and hopeless.  

I know this is a direct result of my appointments with Lauren and I am so very, very grateful to her.

And I'd love another body session like I had last time, which had such a magic effect!



Port Douglas, AUSTRALIA

Cairns mindfulness workshop testimonial


Life-changing activities and thought-provoking discussions.

Thank you Lauren! Your workshop was fantastic!

It was  a really nice way to end our HIPPY Gathering. I really felt that everyone was relaxed and present throughout! Loved your energy, wisdom and thought-provoking discussions and activities. 

Thank you for sharing your strategies and knowledge around self-care and wellbeing!

Melissa Griffiths 

Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY)

Coordinator, Cooktown, AUSTRALIA

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the workshop and wish it went longer!

My favourite part of the self-care workshop was learning different breathing techniques – very calming and being able to actively participate and learn. Lauren is very respectful, kind and welcoming. Self-care can at times make us feel very vulnerable as we do tend to put ourselves last, Lauren created a safe and open space for us all to relax and feel acceptance.

If you're feeling undecided about doing a self-care workshop, absolutely do it, you will regret not doing it sooner. You will learn so much that is practical and easy to apply in both personal and professional aspects of your life. THANK YOU Lauren!!!


HIPPY Coordinator, Cairns, AUSTRALIA

I really liked everything about the self-care workshop. To be honest, it really made me think about what was important in my life right now. So when I came back home I made some choices for myself and my five year old. I am looking after myself better.


HIPPY Coordinator, QLD, Australia

If a friend was thinking of doing a self-care workshop, I'd say: Go for it! There is always room for self-improvement and self-care should be up on the top of everyone's lists. If I am not at my strongest mentally, I really have nothing to offer others. 

I enjoyed the breathing techniques very much. Why? I often incorporate deep breathing when feeling anxious or overwhelmed. I practice this method with my family members. I knew there were different breathing techniques but was unaware of how many. I wasn't sure I would be able to do them. Your explanations were great as I am a visual learner and to see this in a face-to-face setting was extremely helpful. 

Thank you for your patience. It was a large very noisy group and you were so calm and collected. I also really loved the exercise you did with us all at the end and intend to do my best to achieve that one thing.


HIPPY Coordinator, Mt Isa, AUSTRALIA

Lauren Joy Wilson emotional release bodywork and verbal therapy testimonial


I was struggling with dense energy in the body and I couldn't shift it alone.

Lauren provides a safe space for healing to take place and assists in connecting with the energy body to remove blockages. Before working with Lauren, I was struggling with dense energy in the body and I couldn't shift it alone. I'd already tried self-help, talking with my partner and meditation. After working with Lauren, the density shifted. It was safe, powerful and freeing. Highly recommend.


Sophie Budgen


Lauren Joy Wilson face and body reading testimonial


Lauren inspires the best in people, helping others to see the best in themselves.

Lauren is a beautiful healing presence. She is calm, gentle and ever evolving in her journey to be authentic. She is skilled in her ability to inspire the best in people, and therefore naturally capable in helping others to see and achieve the best in themselves. I loved the face reading Lauren did with me and was intrigued with how much was revealed. Every encounter with Lauren is good for the soul.

Janine Currie


Lauren Joy Wilson emotional release bodywork and verbal therapy testimonial


Lauren guided me expertly and the massage was amazing.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the session, but I needn't have worried about it as Lauren guided me expertly and helped me to understand the process - the massage was amazing, and I left the session feeling like I had done good work on myself! Thank you Lauren, looking forward to the next one!

Silvia Morgorovich


Lauren Joy Wilson body and face reading testimonial


What Lauren was able to pick up from a body reading was impressive.

Highly recommend a body reading with Lauren. It was professional and I was made to feel comfortable throughout the whole session. What she was able to pick up from a body reading was pretty impressive. Not only did it confirm many things I was aware of, I also discovered more about myself on a much deeper level.


Jessica Bastion

Port Douglas, AUSTRALIA

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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