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Therapist Lauren Joy Wilson sitting in her Cairns treatment room talking with an unseen client

Do The Inner Work & Reap The Outer Rewards

The self-discovery process can be really intense and challenging, but the lasting rewards are well worth the journey. When you have a better connection with yourself, everything gets better - your relationships, your daily interactions, even the taste of your food!

  • Healthier Mind & Body: Learn how to safely release painful past experiences that are weighing you down and creating toxicity in your body, so you can feel lighter and freer.  

  • Better Relationships: Learn how to clearly communicate with your partner or family members, so conversations don't spiral into energy-draining arguments or accusations.

  • Smarter Investment: Learn how to be emotionally strong and healthy, so you can maximise the benefits of eating healthy and exercising regularly.

  • More Quality Downtime: Learn how to harness the time you do have - however small - to re-energise your body quickly and easily, so you can be more present with your loved ones.

After working with Lauren, everything changed for the better, you feel more relaxed and stronger at the same time. And it's great to use the tools that you have learned at home.

What I liked best was the fact that Lauren really makes you look for "the answer" within yourself. She will ask you the right questions and make you look at situations from a different perspective, away from your ego.


- Laura Harris -

Cairns, Australia / Netherlands

Lauren Joy Wilson massage bodywork and verbal therapy testimonial

Calmer Mind & Body Consultations

Your Personal Health Investment

Body-Focused Therapy: Combining holistic counselling with bodymind awareness, including meditation, breathwork, emotional anatomy and emotional release bodywork. 

My Personal Guarantee: You will receive two life tools during your first appointment that will assist with your current situation. This means you can feel confident in your choice.

Private treatment room in a rainforest setting in Redlynch, Queensland, Australia.


Time Zone Converter: Online consultations available within Australia or internationally. 


Cancellation & Refund Policy: In-person and online bodymind consultations paid for online and in advance are non-refundable. Please see full cancellation policy for prepaid and non prepaid appointments.

Helpful Extras You'll Love

When you become a client, you'll receive a clear how-to framework, as well as resources to draw on for the time in-between appointments. You never need feel like you're just left hanging after a session. This means you can keep the motivation momentum going, remaining clear and focused.


  1. You get take-home processes for how to move through painful emotions, which means you don't have emotional build-up that can lead to a nervous tummy or aching shoulders

  2. You get bonus resources, which means you can remain engaged in the process and delve deeper into concepts discussed during appointments

  3. You get a post-appointment follow-through plan to help you stay on track, which means you can take what you learn in a session and make it real in your daily life

Procrastination Is No Friend


"I'll just book my appointment next week..."

If you know deep down this could work for you, consider this: Don't let your health and your life reach a crisis point before taking action. You can benefit from having life tools and bodymind awareness right now.

Ready To Take Action?

It's really easy to get started. Just click the "Book Now" button above and follow the prompts.​

Veranda entrance to Lauren Joy Wilson's bodymind treatment room and waiting area in Cairns

Starting to doubt whether you're

ready to take this step?

If you're reading this, you're more than ready.



I look forward to welcoming you.

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