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Covid-19: The Surprising Aftershocks & Unexpected Life Benefits

I was on my morning walk with my little spaniel, when I unexpectedly ran into a friend who I hadn't seen since BC (aka Before Covid-19).

Unsurprisingly, the question eventually arose: "So, Lauren, how's everything going?" (Often asked with eyebrows raised and a small smile plastered on the face, unsure of the response this simple question can illicit in these times.)

I'm usually pretty expressive and articulate when it comes to my feelings about things (just ask my friends and family!), but I found it really hard to encapsulate the mixed bag of emotions and experiences these past few months have triggered.

So after that conversation, I kept asking myself: Where am I at with everything? How am I doing? What would be the most beneficial thing for me to focus on right now?

And those thoughts brought me here, writing this blog to you.

Because writing not only allows me to "sort" through my own feelings, it also allows me to connect with you.

I'd love to know how you're travelling with everything that's been happening, and how your world has shifted.

Is Covid-19 creating ongoing fear and difficulty for you? Or, has this whole experience created some unexpected space that's allowed you to break with old habits and create something new in your life? (If you're anything like me, it's been a bit of both.)

So, before writing my next blog, I'd really love to get your input.

  1. What are you most struggling with right now?

  2. What advice or info would be most helpful for you?

  3. What unexpected shifts, changes or joyful events have occurred during this time that wouldn't have otherwise?

  4. What has this time made you thankful for?

You can be as short or as lengthy as you like, email your reply to And so you don't feel alone, here are a few of my own responses to the questions above: I'm struggling with... not knowing the next step to take and surrendering to not knowing; being a very empathic person and feeling the "collective heaviness" or unease of those around me; experiencing unexpected pains or twinges in my body and working out how to best help my body. Things I'm thankful for... discovering new and old hiking trails; being pushed to be more online in my business (I'm such a face-to-face girl!); seeing those close to me taking the time to enjoy more space and downtime; visiting my local baristas, who provide a much-needed "cup of connection." ;-) I can't wait to read your responses! Drop me a line at

And THANK YOU for taking the time to read this blog - I so appreciate hearing from you. It puts a big smile on my face.

Keep listening to your body and trusting your wise self,

Lauren x

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