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Staying Safe & Sane During The Craziness Of Corona

What's covered: How to protect yourself against Coronavirus using the best (FREE!) immune-booster there is & how to access that courageous part of yourself that knows exactly what action to take

I have one word for you: BREATHE.

Whaaat? No complex health rituals, no must-grab products, no fear-laden directives, no spiritual "bigger picture" awareness, no global conspiracy theories, no finding the silver lining in these oh-so pendulous clouds. Nope. Just breathe. Right now. Yes, we live in unprecedented times. What's your best protection? Staying calm and connected to your body.

It's also the best FREE immune-booster available - and it can't be purchased in any supermarket aisle, health food shop or doctor's surgery. Keep breathing, even when you...

  • Start looking at your toilet paper roll with equal parts relief AND anxiety

  • Feel like you've stumbled onto the set of a LOW-budget futuristic sci-fi film

  • See a woman load 10 x tubs of ice cream into her supermarket trolley (true story)

  • Watch a family member pumping the hand sanitizer with no regard for tomorrow

  • Feel alone, isolated and all kinds of BLAHHH!

  • Don't know the next step to take...

Just keep breathing.

Don't know how to cope with corona virus isolation? Wondering how to stay sane if you're currently unemployed or working from home?

Feeling tight in the chest or nervous in the tummy?

Here is a nifty conscious breathing technique I use to focus my mind and reboot my body when I'm feeling stressed, anxious or just plain out of whack:

Count (in your head) your in-breath and your out-breath. For example, breathe in 1, 2, 3, 4... and breathe out 1, 2, 3, 4... Struggling to reach 4 counts - hey, keep working on it. :-) Longer than 4 counts - go you!

Why am I focusing on simply breathing, especially when the problems we're facing - individually and collectively - are so damn BIG and complex?

For this simple reason: Making choices or taking action in a state of intense fear or high anxiety creates really SH*TTY outcomes.

I don't want you to have to spend your precious time, energy, money or resources clearing up the I-should-have-thought-this-through mess.

Because, let's face it, we've all got enough to deal with as is.

Whereas staying connected to your body, keeping your energy high and remaining as calm as possible allows you to clearly, creatively and courageously access that deeper (kick-butt!) part of yourself that knows precisely what action (or non- action) is required of you in this moment.

Please know this: I'm here for you, and I'm breathing my way through all of this too. I know you have what it takes to be a beacon of calm in a sea of crazy.

Remember: Fear is contagious, but so is calm. Let's make calm contagious. Otherwise, we might just have to break out the permanent markers and write "BREATHE!" on each other's forehead... Hey, I'm up for it, it could be interesting! ;-) Keep listening to your body and trusting your wise self,

Lauren x P.S. Don't worry, the "Keep It Calm" ride doesn't have to end here! Click on the links below to get an extra dose of immune-boosting and mood-lifting reads:

P.P.S. Having a particularly hard time? A personalized Online Bodymind Consultation means you get the right tools and advice specifically for you. If you'd like to get a feel for my wellness approach, download my free guide below - it's FUN and practical!

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