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Wellness Without The Fluff & How You Can Benefit

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Psychosomatic Therapist Lauren Joy Wilson welcoming an unseen client into her holistic therapy treatment room in Cairns

Hi there, I'm Lauren.

And yes, Joy is my middle name, seriously.

A name which felt pretty uncool at school, but couldn't be more fitting for how I work with people today.

Before we take off our shoes (well, I already have) and settle in, I want to share a not-so-secret confession:

I'm kind of over the whole wellness thing.

Sure you may say, a lot of us are.

The problem is, I'm a wellness mentor, a Psychosomatic Therapist actually.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, but I've often struggled with the wellness clichés, the quick fixes, the fluffy language and the hyped-up passing fads.

I'm not into holding hands in a circle or wearing swathes of white. (Beyond the fact it really doesn't suit my fair complexion. "White on white," as my nephew would say.)

Self-help books that beam perky positivity make me audibly groan, and self-proclaimed gurus have me running in the opposite direction. And I'm no runner!

No offence intended. Or as Seinfeld would say: "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

It's just not my thing.

Hugs are a different story. I like them - A LOT.

So apart from hugs, what does light me up?

What turns this otherwise private introvert into a bold extrovert with a blog-load to say?

This one POWERFUL message: Ultimately, you don't need to rely on anything or anyone - including me - to genuinely transform your health and your life.

Because you, dear reader, have more wisdom in your pinkie finger than any book, course, podcast, miracle product or magic modality could ever provide.

Before you think I'm doing myself out of a job, we all have times in our lives when we just need a helping hand, a fresh perspective, a reminder of deep down what we already know.

A person who can give you a "jump-start" when you've unexpectedly stalled, got yourself stranded or even completely bogged. (And that's enough with the car analogies.)

You'll also hear me bang on about having life tools, because a person without tools is like a superhero without superpowers: powerless and pretty pissed off!

I don't speak from a textbook, I speak from experience.

Ready to take the leap?

C'mon, we can do this together.

On the count of three - 1, 2, 3 JUMP!

Lauren x

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[This, my first blog, is dedicated to my beloved "Faraway Tree" - a peaceful giant who stood tall outside my study window... Your presence, grace and beauty will live on in my heart and imagination.]

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