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Bodymind Communication: What Your Body REALLY Wants To Tell You (Part 2.)

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

What's covered: How your emotional health & life choices impact your physical health in what's known as the mind-body connection; What to do when you have stress, anxiety & physical symptoms that won't go away

Have you ever had a health issue you just can't shift?

Hands pressed against a sore swollen knee

A sore lower back that throbs. A swollen knee that aches. A nervous tummy that tenses up. A skin rash that itches. That's how *Keith felt when he came to see me as a client: He had a health issue that just wouldn't budge, and it had started to deeply affect his enjoyment of life - his work, intimate relationship and ability to socialize. He was dumbfounded, frustrated and didn't know what else he could do; he'd tried conventional medical approaches and alternative health options. He'd even tried ignoring the pain, and just getting on with things. He was mentally and emotionally exhausted, and when he sat in the chair opposite me, he couldn't verbally explain why this was happening or what could be contributing to this ongoing pain.

­And that's one of the key differences between traditional talk therapy and the more holistic bodymind process: Emotional anatomy recognizes that your mind often can't communicate or explain what's happening to you, but your body can!

Fascinating bodymind connection example: What does a "conversation" with your body actually look or sound like?

Man in standing position looking down at his feet

First, I asked Keith to give me the basic details of his body's symptoms. He said he had uncomfortable digestive issues that would worsen as the day went on; he was also experiencing tightness and pain around his right knee that would seemingly come out of nowhere.  I asked him what was happening in his professional life, which, in emotional anatomy, relates to the right side of the body. He seemed surprised by this line of questioning. He was adamant everything was going exceptionally well at work; in fact, he'd just been promoted.  When I looked at his solar plexus I saw a lot of internalized creativity and power, as shown by his bulging diaphragm and tight rib cage muscles. This indicated he had a strong sense of identity that was currently feeling restrained and controlled, creating suppressed fire and frustration. Tension, along with unfulfilled desires and goals, creates a pressure-cooker of blocked energy, which can affect the organs below causing nervous stomach disorders. A fear of taking action and stepping into his personal power was further shown by his locked-in right knee. A fear of failure, or even a fear of success, was keeping him rooted to the spot. Keith initially looked shocked when I related to him what his body was communicating, and then he quietly nodded his head. He told me he hadn't really wanted the promotion; he'd been just about to step out and create his own business, but the new job meant better pay, more security and prestige. Asking Keith key questions about his beliefs and perceptions around having a career allowed a new awareness to surface: His father was very career-focused, and from an early age he'd repeatedly witnessed his father put professional obligations before personal desires.

Using bodymind awareness to create BIG life shifts: Where to from here?

Following our sessions, Keith decided he no longer wanted to do his current job. Although initially scared of his partner's reaction, he found her to be really supportive, particularly when he honestly communicated how much stress his current work was causing him and the impact it was having on their relationship and his health.

Keith started making choices that reflected what he really wanted to create in his life. It took a lot of re-organizing of finances, a few temporary sacrifices and a heap of commitment. Despite the challenges, he had a new sense of direction and a genuine enthusiasm for the path ahead. This new attitude led him to a less-stress job and a training course that would move him closer to his dream: starting his own business.

As Keith started taking authentic action, something really revealing happened... His physical symptoms diminished! He no longer had a "nervous tummy" and his knee only caused him pain if he pushed himself too hard and didn't listen to his body.

Understanding the bodymind connection and holistic healing: What's your body trying to tell you?

The example above shows how amazingly communicative the body is - if we're willing to listen. Is your body whispering in your ear to take notice, or, has it reached the two-year-old tantrum stage of non-stop yelling (aka continual physical pain and discomfort)? If you're curious about what your body's trying to tell you, then a Clearer Mind & Healthier Body Consultation is a great way to see your expressive body through new - more appreciative - eyes.

Ready to start a dialogue with your body? Next time we'll be looking at how simply asking your body key questions can help you to create a strong mind-body connection and promote deep healing - at the root cause.

Keep listening to your body and trusting your wise self,

Lauren x

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*Name changed and details altered for privacy reasons.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. I am not a medical health practitioner; rather, I offer clients an emotional, spiritual and energetic perspective to aid them in their self-empowerment. If you have questions or concerns regarding a medical condition, please seek the advice of your physician or a qualified health provider.

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