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When Your Energy Plummets - What To Do

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

What's covered: Natural energy-boosting ways to deal with sudden mood drops, energy-draining people or global events; PLUS, the greatest way you can help the world right now

Woman sitting meditating on a rock beside river

This quote was flickering on my mind like a TV channel waiting for me to tune-in...

"Every time you're bombarded with things outside of your control, STOP and BREATHE.

Every time you feel powerless, remember you have the power to choose what you think, do or feel in this moment.

Every time you get sucked into some news headline or you feel your energy plummet, remember that draining yourself helps no one; not the world, and least of all you.

Keep focusing on what you CAN change."


I wrote those words back in February 2020 in one of my e-newsletters. It was applicable then, and, it's just as applicable now. Like time travellers, sometimes we leave future messages for ourselves to be further appreciated and ruminated on.

Q time:

  • How can you best help yourself at the moment?

  • What brings you peace, even if it's just a smidgen or fleeting?

  • What naturally energizes or calms you?

  • Are you allowing fear to enter your body, disturb your thoughts or influence your actions?

The unwavering importance of asking yourself these reality-changing questions: Creating more peace in your inner world is THE greatest way you can impact the outer world.

Pockets of peace

Here's what I'm doing that allows me to feel like all's well in my world regardless of the latest news headline:

  • Grass Lounging Rolling out my picnic blanket, breathing into my belly and staring at the lace-like leaves above; watching how they wave, shiver and shake to the wind's song

  • Song Birding Allowing sound and expression without judgement; playfully singing songs that are within my singing range - and songs that are not!

  • Beverage Sighing Nursing a hot mug of tea between the palms of my hands and contentedly (often loudly!) sighing after each soothing mouthful, relaxing my shoulders with each sip (*add a great book for extra satisfaction*)

  • Body Jiggling Striding out like a perky puppy on their favourite morning walk; engaging my senses and visualizing my posture coming into alignment, as fear and tension flow out of me with each foot step

So, Lauren, what are your pockets of peace? Are you willing to make them as important and non-negotiable as eating your daily meals, brushing your teeth or regularly showering? Be aware though, they come with a pretty BIG and noticeable side effect: unshakeable calm.

Keep listening to your body and trusting your wise self,

Lauren x

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