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Let's Connect Face-To-Face Minus The Screen In Between!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I belong to a marginal group that is rarely talked about and, I fear, nearing extinction...

Lauren Joy in doorway of bodywork treatment room in Cairns

Some may call us fringe dwellers...

Others may call us out of touch (which seems a bit harsh)...

You might even have one lurking in your own inner circle...

They're easy to spot if you know the special signs to look out for...

They're those curious people who... Chat to the checkout person in the supermarket rather than fumble with the self-checkout machine; reject those never-have-to-see-another-person-again online apps; go to the local post office to pay their car rego; laugh with a (non-virtual!) friend in a café; love to hold a steaming cup of tea in one hand and turn the papery pages of a book with the other.

Yep, I'll unashamedly admit it: I'm a low-tech, face-to-face girl who loves to connect with the real, live person who's in front of me.

So, as you can imagine, I've found the heavy online focus and "no touchy" of the last few months a bit challenging, especially in my work as a holistic therapist and bodyworker.

That's why I'm really excited to announce (finger drum roll on desk)...

*In-person* Calmer Mind & Healthier Body Consultations (based in Cairns, Queensland, Australia) are back on!

If you're thinking, Sounds good, but how could a bodymind session help me? Here's what my clients have to say about the tangible life benefits of working with a holistic therapist...

Cairns client Sophie testimonial photo

Before working with Lauren, I was struggling with dense energy in the body and I couldn't shift it alone. I'd already tried self-help, talking with my partner and meditation. After working with Lauren, the density shifted. It was safe, powerful and freeing.

Sophie Budgen, Cairns AUSTRALIA / UK

Cairns client Alex testimonial photo

I can definitely say I was uplifted, emotionally, from the first session onward. This had a chain reaction with things like my ability to concentrate, be more present with my partner and friends, be healthier in my mind (less negative thoughts), become very accepting and appreciative of exactly what is; and most importantly, my relationship with myself. This last point really reflects outwardly toward everything I do in life. 

Alex Korpijaakko, Cairns AUSTRALIA / CANADA

Cairns client Laura testimonial photo

After working with Lauren, everything changed for the better, you feel more relaxed and stronger at the same time. And it's great to use the tools that you have learned at home. What I liked best was the fact that Lauren really makes you look for "the answer" within yourself. She will ask you the right questions and make you look at situations from a different perspective, away from your ego.


Cairns client Rhys testimonial photo

I noticed changes instantly. Energy flowed better in my body. It felt great. I felt lighter. Stress levels decreased and anxiety reduced. I felt more comfortable and grounded. These changes gave me more inner room for relationships and life enjoyment.

Rhys D., Cairns AUSTRALIA

Wondering if there's a "right" time to see a holistic therapist? If something in you resonates with what I'm describing below, then now is the time.

If these past few months have left you feeling a bit rattled, and you're lying awake at night or feeling distracted during the day, then this is your chance to cut through confusion and gain clarity.

Put simply: If you're feeling stuck, get unstuck! (Click here for a sneak peek into how you can access your body's wisdom, so you can move forward confidently.)

On the flip side, if you're feeling pretty good, but you've been neglecting your body or pushing yourself really hard (cue: tight neck, achy shoulders or nervous tummy) then this is your chance to give back to yourself, so you can breathe a little easier and feel a lot lighter.  

My personal guarantee: You will receive 2 x life tools during your first holistic healing appointment that will assist with your current situation. This means you walk away with concrete ways to start creating better outcomes in your work or private life.

I try not to say, "I look forward to..." (it's a spiritual thing about being in the present moment, rather than always looking into the future) but stuff it, I'm going to say it:

Lauren Joy's Cairns bodymind treatment room and waiting area

I really look forward to seeing you in-person and connecting with you face-to-face. :-)

Keep listening to your body and trusting your wise self,

Lauren x

P.S. If you have any questions about my bodymind consultations, check out the FAQ section on my website (which also includes some cheeky IAQ - Infrequently Asked Questions) or drop me a line at

Join my fluff-free health tribe by entering your details below - NO SPAMMY CRAP, helpful life stuff only!

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