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Weird Body Aches & Pains: The MOST Helpful *FREE* Thing You Can Do (Part 1.)

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

What's covered: How to holistically treat & alleviate body aches or pains safely & naturally; How to communicate with your body to gain life-changing, health-healing insights

Picture this: You've got a weird-looking, itchy, scratchy rash on the side of your neck...

Woman holding hand on neck to alleviate pain

It's not getting better; in fact, it's getting a lot worse.

What's one of the first things you - and most other people -

are likely to do when faced with worrying body pains or strange physical symptoms?

Google it! And if that dodgy online doc fails to yield any soothing solutions, you've got an arsenal of mediocre medical got to's up your desperate sleeve, such as...

  • Ask a friend. (The least qualified the better.)

  • Apply some old ointment you found in the back of your bathroom cabinet. (Your gran swears by it.)

  • Adopt a disguise. (Scarves and turtlenecks here we come.)

  • Feign ignorance. (You'd stick your head in the sand, if only it didn't itch so much!)

  • Start obsessing about everything. (From what food you put in your mouth to what powder you wash your sheets with.)

What's the MOST HELPFUL thing you could do to ease pain and suffering that you're least likely going to want to do?

Tune into what your body's trying to communicate and ask yourself some really revealing questions about your current life situation. Oh, no, not all that self-enquiry and mind-body connection stuff! Chances are, you'd much rather get freaked-out by scary looking pics of other people's ghastly bodily afflictions, or hear about your friend's latest and greatest gut-health obsession, than actually have a conversation with your own body. I get it, I really do. In this age of mass communication and abundant online information, quick-fix answers to stressful health issues and upsetting life events are only a click away. It's so tantalizing and tempting to turn your attention to external searching rather than inward reflection, which requires sitting with yourself and honestly looking at key areas of your life. Your beautiful expressive body is "itching" to provide you with more life-changing, health-healing insights than any search-engine robot ever could.

You might be thinking: But how can I communicate with my body? What's that even look like?

Next time I'll be sharing a fascinating example of how a "body conversation" can be more revealing than the SBS channel at midnight! ;-))

So keep an eye out for Part 2. of this blog series Bodymind Communication: What Your Body Really Wants To Tell You for ways to relieve pain naturally and holistically. The advice will be especially helpful if you have re-occurring or ongoing neck pain, back pain, knee pain, nausea, bloating, period pain, hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety or tension.

Before I sign off though, here are a few questions to get you into the body-communication groove:

Feel into...

  • How often during your day are you consciously aware of your body? 

  • What feels good for your body? What doesn't feel so good?

  • What does your body need or want?

  • What are you putting off doing, being or acknowledging that would help your body right now?

You don't need to have definitive answers or instant responses, just let your awareness simmer - like a good pasta sauce! :-)

Keep listening to your body and trusting your wise self,

Lauren x

P.S. This is the first blog in my "Body Talk" series, so if anyone in your circle is curious about the bodymind connection and how they can apply it to their own body, please share this article (see below) or share this page so they can receive my FREE downloadable guide and future juicy emails.

P.P.S. Last time I told you how I'd be heading outside for some serious skyward reflection - here's a pic for you! Missed my last blog? Click here to catch up: What NOT To Do When You're Having A Really Bad Day

Relaxing image of sky, trees, leaves
Have you looked up today?

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. I am not a medical health practitioner; rather, I offer clients an emotional, spiritual and energetic perspective to aid them in their self-empowerment. If you have questions or concerns regarding a medical condition, please seek the advice of your physician or a qualified health provider.

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