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Desperate For Change? What To Do

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

What's covered: What to do when you feel stuck & powerless; The must-do step for initiating powerful self-healing & creating the change you want

Have you ever felt really stuck and frustrated with a situation?

The kind that gives you a nervous tummy or tight shoulders, triggering immediate feelings of unease.

And it doesn't seem to matter what you do or how much you know, you just can't change it.

This happened to a client recently.

They had a person in their life and their living situation who constantly triggered them.

As this client sat opposite me - teary, tired and looking defeated - I knew we'd approached crunch time.

Enough talk, enough delving into spiritual concepts or helpful meditative practices.

It was time for one of the most underrated steps for powerful self-healing and personal transformation.

It was time for what most people try ridiculously hard to avoid by procrastinating, justifying, blaming, judging, analyzing, defending or just plain wallowing.

Are you ready for it?


I'm talking about conscious, considered and authentic action. Spirituality doesn't equal passivity.

We can mentally know and recite all the healing concepts under the Sun, such as forgiveness, acceptance and presence, but if a situation is truly not working for us, and we're experiencing intense "growth pains" then there's often only one way out of it:

It's time to act.

Whether that means looking for another job, honestly talking to your partner, having a meeting with your boss, changing your home base, booking that health appointment or researching that course, now's the time to start the process!

I know it can be scary, and I truly understand the mental and physical resistance, but what's on the other side is well worth any temporary discomfort.

If this blog has struck a chord with you, then I encourage you to take action. Actually, I strongly and lovingly PUSH you to make a move!

Ask yourself: What is one small, do-able step I can take today that would start to shift or change a situation that is driving me bananas?

The client I mentioned earlier in this blog - armed with a short list of practical and realistic action steps - left our session very different to how they came in.

They were understandably nervous, but they were also undeniably something else: empowered and ready. I know you're ready too.

Keep listening to your body and trusting your wise self,

Lauren x

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